For the first time, the most advanced system in the world for the detection of drinking water contamination will be installed on Lake Kinneret.

Whitewater's unique system will be installed on the shore of the Kinneret (which supplies 25% of the water consumption in Israel) and will be responsible for continuous monitoring, detection and display of events effecting the quality and supply of the water.

The uniqueness of the project stems from the fact that the drinking water supplied to the city of Tiberius is being pumped from the Kinneret. The water corporation “Mei Reket” (City of Tiberius Water Corporation) does not have control in real-time over the water quality data. Therefore, the ability of the corporation to respond in the event of a water security crises or a water quality control incident which will affect the consumer, is limited.

As part of the systems installation, the company will also place sensors provided by CheckLight Company (also under the control of Whitewater) which engages in the development and marketing of smart solutions for water monitoring through a breakthrough microbiological technology. The company has developed an innovative technology utilizing luminous bacteria, which is used as sensitive bio-sensors to monitor changes in the quality of drinking water through differences in the level of light.

Whitewater detection and management systems for water quality events are already installed in Israel in a number of leading water corporations such as: Jerusalem, Peleg-Ha'Galil , Ra'anana and others. This development is providing a significant breakthrough: for the first time, a system combining the work of the world's most advanced sensors for real-time detection of toxicity (contamination) in the drinking water, is working alongside Whitewater's advanced software system, the BlueBox.

Ori Yogev, Chairman of Whitewater: “Israel is acquiring a reputation as a world leader in drinking water quality technology and there is great significance in installing a contamination detection system, especially near the shore of the Kinneret.
We are pleased by the country's water corporations for being the cause (or factor) which is propelling the water economy into the future. Despite implementation of the technologies by the corporations, it is important to remember that Israel's water economy, as in many other countries in the world, is still exposed to potential damage for the lack of continuous monitoring regulations of water sources flowing into home faucets”.

Shaul David, CEO of Mei Reket Corporation: “The main vulnerable point of the corporation is the fact that the water comes from a pumping facility and independent treatment plant which pumps its water directly from the Kinneret. The reaction time required in cases of damaged water quality is very short. As of today, the corporation does not have control in real-time over the water quality data and therefore the corporation's ability to respond in the event of a water security crises or water quality control incident which will affect the consumer, is limited.

After a few recent water contamination events that prevented continues quality water from the residents of the country and came to the attention of the general public, the most severe water contamination event occurred at Kiryat Mozkin, which resulted in a smart water revolution and the promotion of different water corporates in the country, primary the corporations: Ha'Gichon, Peleg-Ha'Galil and Ra'anana to detect and manage water contamination events. By understanding that a continues monitoring layout can prevent this phenomenon, minimize the extent of the event and obviously detect the source and location of the contamination, the corporations decided to leave the slow and old fashioned methods of the past and obtain modern and innovative technologies; such as Whitewater's BlueBox and Waterwall, which can protect against serious water quality problems.

“Mekorot” company has also learned the significance of the move to use the most advanced technologies available and has started exploring the possibility of combining Whitewater's systems in some of the companies facilities.

The project in Tiberius will be 70% funded as part of the water and sewer corporations' project support policy. As of 2006, the government has made it a priority to promote the water development plan in order to establish the state of Israel as a leader in the global water market for advanced water solutions based on an acknowledgment of the potential which is concealed in water technology to the economy of Israel and out of appreciation for the importance and centrality of various governmental and private companies in this sector of the economy. As part of the projects promotion of water and sewer corporations, the government has allocated 10 Million Shekels (NIS), to assist these projects for each of the years 2011-2012

About Whitewater:

Whitewater is a group of water technology companies headed by Hana Gertler and Ori Yogev. The company was founded in 2006 and engages in the field of drinking water quality and water control through advanced technology. Through two main divisions, the company supplies solutions for management optimization, water control and supply and solutions for securing a high quality water supply in Israel and abroad. The Water Quality Division focuses on the quality and security of water, while the Water Control Division, led by Galcon, is under the joint control of Whitewater and Kibbutz Kfar Blum. The division engages in the utilization and efficiency of water systems. Approximately 70% of the group’s revenues originate from the international market.